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Health Care Facilities face unique challenges in recruiting and retaining qualified employees.  Considerations such as credentialing, licensing and on boarding can present problems that cost time and money.  Locating the right employee will frequently require a regional or national search and will almost always require a relocation.

A Complete Strategy brings the best results.  We will work with your team to cover all aspects of the hiring process.  Typical assistance includes:

  • Help defining the specific position description and duties
  • Help determining appropriate compensation packages
  • Locating a pool of qualified candidates
  • Help preparing evaluation packages for decision makers
  • Help arranging interviews
  • Assistance in candidate credentialing
  • Assistance in employee licensing
  • Assistance with employee relocation
  • Assistance with on boarding your new employee

Active Recruiting is the only method Analyn Perry and Associates, LLC, uses.  We are not a resume posting bulletin board or a want ads website.  All job orders placed with us are actively worked by qualified recruiters.  We will not accept a job order if we do not feel we will be able to make a placement.

Our Extensive Proprietary Database of health care professionals allows us to help you quickly locate and hire the right employee.  We target health care professionals who are currently working and largely satisfied with their current positions.  These candidates are successful and now looking to advance their careers to the next stage.  This candidate pool has proven to produce employees who are stable and provide a return on investment to the facility from day one.

Your Criteria become the basis for our pro-active methods.  We conduct telephone, e-mail and internet searches to locate the best possible pool of candidates for your consideration. 

For Help in filling your positions, please contact us at 1-855-APpulse (1-855-277-8573).

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